Real Estate solutions 

A veritable online presence has become indispensable for every company - to lead its competition and to secure a dominant position in the business area.

The new online solutions include also a strong back end CRM. Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition.

We understand the challenges of businesses working on the island, and know how to build right solution for Real Estates.
With Azul, you benefit from working with a local company, with real people on the other end of the phone, based here in Palma de Mallorca.
Tourism Solutions 

We offer full business solutions in Tourism area:Transfer companies, Holiday rentals, hotels and rent a cars or ticketing services. We connect visitors with service providers.

We connect visitors with service providers. 

Azul Group offers special service solutions for tourism companies. Are you a business here in Mallorca and activate in tourism area? Contact us! We have clients for you.
Online strategy?
Do it right!

When your customer is looking for "Mallorca *your product*", where do you appear in the Google, Yahoo! or Yandex search results?

Azul is experienced in preparing, submitting and promoting websites to ensure that you get the type of visitors to your site that you deserve!

Web development, email Campaigns, social media Marketing, SEO/SEM, Media placement and other online marketing strategies are our focus.

A good SEO strategy will ensure a greater conversion of your visitors

web design and hosting services Majorca

Azul Group is your one-stop company for all of your technology requirements in Mallorca. 

If you have a small or medium sized business located in Mallorca or it is related in any way to our island, our team of specialist consultants can recommend a great office package to ensure your company systems are always working when you need them to be! 

We are dedicated to find best solutions to service providers like real estate, tourism, yacht services.


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